Harpreet Singh Ahluwalia


Harpreet is a Graduate in Fashion Industry from UK, ventured into Hospitality industry in the year 2008. He has extensive front- and back-of-the-house experience, including openings. He has been pegged down as a ‘Challenger’. He likes to make things better. He directed the conceptualization, incubation, and launch of numerous new business verticals under 3 Forks.

He started 3 Forks Hospitality in 2008, launched a Lounge Bar named ‘Rude Lounge’ which has multiple outlets, a theme based restaurant named ‘Taste of Punjab’ which again has multiple outlets, a catering vertical named ‘Walia’s Catering’, serves in 3 different cities and a Bar named ‘Pauva Deck’.

Under Harpreet’s leadership, 3 Forks is renowned not only for its acclaimed chain of restaurants but also for its distinctive and celebrated culture of Enlightened Hospitality. This guiding principle of prioritizing employees first and foremost has driven and shaped 3 Forks’ ongoing evolution from a small group of restaurants into a multi-faceted hospitality organization.

Sarjit Kaur Ahluwalia

Chief Managing Director

Sarjit, a Punjabi house wife ventured in to the field of Business in her 20’s. She started with a single sewing machine in India, tailored her way to more than 25 machines in no time. She migrated to UK for 16 years, restarted the tailoring business, excelled in building a mid-sized team. Outside this Tailoring business, she ventured into the retail sector. She opened a Jewellery store and a Salon. She got back to India in the recent years, heading critical activities at Taste of Punjab.

She managing its general corporate, governance, transactional, regulatory, commercial real estate, employment, accounting, tax and finance needs. She is also responsible for innovation at 3 Forks Brands, she personally tastes every dish before it makes it on to the menu.

Neetu Ahluwalia

Managing Director

A natural Bon Vivant and a great cook, Neetu brings her culinary gifts and exceptional skills of hospitality to the fore at TOP and RL. She has lived in multiple urban and rural areas farming and cooking in Punjab, Kerala, Ooty, Vizag, Pune and Bombay. This gives her a wide knowledge of ingredients as well as eating habits and preferences of the Indian palette. She is the perfect example of ‘Follow your passion and success will follow you.’ A people person, she knows how to get the best out of her team and plays to their strengths while constantly upgrading their skill set. Neetu’s infectious energy and formidable administrative abilities are evident in the way she brings multiple areas and outlets into one promising cohesive whole. A person with many talents with a passion for animals, she is also a professionally qualified dog trainer and behaviourist.

Gurmeet Singh Rao

Managing Director

Gurmeet is a Sports enthusiast, a professional Hockey player and a Sports Coach. He also holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration. He started his career with 3 Forks as an Admin Head and today is responsible for the whole gamut of activities with the brands of 3 Forks, such as HR, Operations, Marketing & Finance. He has designed to compensate the restaurant team more equitably and professionally, while providing clear paths for professional advancement. He is a celebrated speaker and educator. He has set industry standards in areas such as hiring practices, innovative leadership, and corporate responsibility.