Hailing from a colorful country with an intoxicating blend of cultures, languages, and religions, Taste Of Punjab - a beautiful concept inspired to create ripples of the taste, ambience and love of Punjab in your hearts, comes across as a place that gives you the much needed break from the daily routine of a busy life. An ultimate destination for the whole family, Taste Of Punjab, The children love it and the adults simply seem to not get enough of it.

The ambience is a page out of Punjab, a beautiful land of happiness, joy and never ending love complete with LIVE Bhangra performance by artists!

With its plush royal interiors, Taste Of Punjab maintains the perfect balance to suit the requirements of various guests. While the restaurant is a strictly nonsmoking area, it does have a separate, dedicated area for smoking. This ensures that every person enjoys to the fullest, when at the restaurant.

Taste Of Punjab believes that you deserve the best always, and so prepares a Punjabi feast in the form of buffet with unbelievably diverse, multiple delicacies to choose from. Taste Of Punjab provides you with a wide range of mouthwatering starters and main courses. The highlight of your special meal would be our very talented staff preparing innovative dishes such as Punjabi Dosa and more, LIVE, right before your eyes!

Enjoy choicest of Parathas, Chatpati Chaat and Raan Biriyani alongside desi sweet dishes, such as flavored Kulfis, Gulabjamuns and more. Finally, There is nothing like finishing a satisfying meal with a tall glass of Chaas.